by Crave On

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Recorded and played by Crave On:
Alex Collins
Bryan Hench
Jack Holway
Patrick Orr
Kate Richi

songs written by Patrick Orr

Matt Bach engineered tracks 2,6,8

all tracks mixed by Mark Nevers

Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master Studios

Cover photography by Zach Benevento

Cover design by Alex Simoes

Special thanks to Gabe Vitek



released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Crave On Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Detroit Red Wings
Can you show me the shape of the fire
And bring me to the volcano of desire
I don't know what planet you're from
And I don't know just where I belong

Hot lava in a crystal sphere
I saw my second self inside of the mirror
I don't know where these plates come from
I don't know where this piece belongs

Looks like the Detroit Red Wings won the championship again
On the news they said the head coach used to practice S&M

Can you show me the seven forms of trust
Can you brush me off I've been buried in the dust
Now I don't know the name of this color
In my dreams the plants water each other

Nature's prize passed around the room
I hide from the sun and confide in the moon
Now I don't know if I'm really that strong
I don't know if this branch is that long
Track Name: With or Without Sun
Brand new sparkling chrome plated dream
My G-d just look what we've done
It'll be here with or without sun
It'll stay there with or without sun
The story isn't gory or extraordinary
The past is boring but I won't run
I will be here with or without sun
I will stay here with or without sun

There's a beautiful place for your beautiful place
A smile that could lift a thousand tons
You can be here with or without sun
Yes they will let you stay here with or without sun
In the United States race we're approaching number one
49 to go...
48 to go...
And we'll be there with or without sun
We'll stay there with or without sun

In dusks and dens they ask you where you from
around here, now isn't that fun?
You will be here with or without sun
You don't know if you will stay here with or without sun
You got apocalypse dread
Glitter in my head
Strawberry fields
Rain pain and guns
They'll be here with or without sun
They'll stay here with or without sun
Track Name: Mercury
With my mind on Norway
I move through a set of tasks
Don't even ask
When the question was put to me
I was 40% checked out
No need to shout

When the dream becomes reality
And the rooftops run with Mercury
and I fall to my knees..............
With the silver stream in front of me
Time is not the enemy
Plenty of flowers for you and me

With the grace of an astronaut
I slow-motion my way through fields
But darling that's not real
A trainload of distance
Took a hammer to my sense of sway
That was just yesterday

Let's take the snake for a joy ride
Let's make plans with champagne in our hands
I thought my name was shattered and in flames
I thought the outside was inside
Track Name: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Bright eyed
bushy tailed
in the
morning time
grape vines
up my

and if there's any other way to climb into this day
feed my needs with "Vitamin C" I believe I've been led astray

Bright eyed
by the
over the
from where the

and if there's any other way to come alive inside this day
rub my knees with peppermint grease I believe I've been led astray
Track Name: Seven Ten Split
In the shadow of a seven ten split
I pick my teeth with the bones of the ancients
Splinters shimmer with a silver glimmer
Shining snow now blankets every Texaco

Plucking out my feathers it seems
Italian leather the fabric of our dreams
Divers wire funds in wild Pennsylvanian sums
Traps crack open baited with blue chewing gum (???)

But brother I've been awake for days
Seven Ten Split coated in an amber glaze

R.I.P. to the seconds that pass :(
I take my meals with my feet beside a water glass :)
Rubies, diamonds, pewter and pearl...
All these things for the heart of this world

Listening in for the invisible things
Pins and needles in our fingers, Mother Nature's rings
Hedges trimmed into various unpredictable shapes

But sister I've been awake for days
Starin' at the seven ten split with a fiery gaze
Track Name: Beetles and Spiders
Beetles and spiders are taking over this land
Washing the world in a wave of sand
Goblins and vultures are writing great big checks
Wrapping bandanas around our heads and necks

In a culture of heavy cream
I read about my dream in a magazine
They built a fire in praise of the void
Pure noise, that's not my scene

Molasses runs in the streets
How sweet I can swim finally
Now the system can see through walls
In violent eyes we sleep peacefully

don't be too concerned
cuz here in the light we still have fun

The past is boring but I won't run
In the light we still have fun
I'll tell you a story you don't need to run
in the light we still have fun
Track Name: Clouds
We are the forces of dawn
Children of the clouds and what they pass on
You see a rainy day, that's the father and we the spawn

Forget breakfast in bed
There's food in the air we take it there instead
Fly like a bird to the medicine man you know what he said

When something once done now comes undone
Unraveled destructed and not much fun
A December of the mind
Indifferent and unkind
Dismembering what once was fine

One million parasites can have their fill and it's out of sight
Let time be killed inside your wild nights

We are the flowers of thee
Watched you fall down like a leaf from a tree
Carried and buried what a terrible sight to see

Well it's alright, no?
Even as we turn from the end of the show
You're generating jewels and we lay in the grass where they grow

Once young now undone
Unraveled etc.
Track Name: Pure Light
yes indeed
You are the one I need
When every last paper cut makes my hands bleed
It's true
I don't know what to do
I didn't know a thing until I found you

The night feels right
Standing by the angel bathing in Pure Light
That magnetic pull
My heart gives a start climbing into my skull

Settle down
No danger to by found
Every last mailbox has fallen to the ground

Sweet bliss
You are the one I miss
Every single day emblazoned with a kiss

Pure Light awoke me
Pure Light has broken me
It's by pure chance that I learned to dance
In the ballrooms that have chosen me
Track Name: King of the Rats
I made you a sacrifice
And now you want back your key
I made you an offer
That wasn't good enough for thee
I said a prayer for you and now you want to murder me

You invite me over
You pull out a bed of nails
You ask me to wear a necklace
made out of shotgun shells
You bury me in carrots as if my name were Peter Cotton Tail

I don't want it
You can keep it
I don't need it
You can have it
King of the Rats on his garbage throne

I gave you a paradise
and now you want to rattle my cage
I brought you to the ocean
You went back to your underground cave
I gave you the "Book of Delights"
You tore out every page...

When I enter your house tonight
It won't be with a dagger
Even when you take my money
with unkind unearthly swagger
You can try to run the game on me
But baby that don't even matter

I'll never tell anyone about the misery you made
That's a secret I'll keep with me to the grave
Kind of the rats on his garbage throne
Track Name: Red and Blue Birds
Red and blue
red and blue birds
Red and blue birds in the trees
In my back
In my backyard
In my backyard waiting for me

When the rain
When the raindrops
When the rain drops down on me
I can hear
I can hear my
I can hear my song in the breeze

In the dark
In the darkness
In the darkness as deep as the sea
I can feel
I can feel you
I can feel you waiting for me